This Is Aidan, Your Friendly Neighborhood Houseboy

Greetings, greater Seattle Metro Area!

My name is Aidan, and I’m very much looking forward to being your houseboy-for-hire.

What is a houseboy, you might ask? And why would I hire one? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical patron!

A houseboy is a kind of service submissive who specializes in things like cooking, cleaning and basic maintenance. Typically a houseboy serves one particular Master/Mistress or household, perhaps being lent out if the agreement between the boy and their Owner allows such. While a kinky relationship, it is almost always non-sexual.

I myself am a freelance houseboy. Think of it like being a ronin with a feather duster instead of a sword.

Why would you want to hire such a service? There’s lots of reasons! Housecleaning services are nothing new, obviously, and we all lead busy lives. Why should you have to toil scrubbing your kitchen floors and vacuuming your carpets when there’s somebody who’s willing to do it for you? And if you’re a kinky person, you might not feel comfortable opening your space to somebody who might judge you for your proclivities. Being in the lifestyle myself for many years, you can trust my respect and discretion.

And it’s fun! Unlike a normal cleaning service, you can be a bit playful with a houseboy. While I do not offer sexual services of any kind, I have no qualms about dressing a little sexy during my time working for you. We can engage in a little repartee if you’d like, or I can be demure and deferential to your orders. Think of it as a power exchange relationship focused around getting your laundry done.  Of course you don’t have to be present while I’m working, but it can be exciting for both of us.

Finally, it’s affordable. While I am a natural submissive masochist and genuinely love providing good service, this is a donation-based service to help with end’s meet in these troubled times. However that doesn’t mean I’m going to break your bank just to get the dishes washed. We can negotiate a price structure that is good for you based on the services asked for.

And those services can be pretty far ranging! Along with basic cleaning I can also cook, do light maintenance work, yard work, and even play host/major domo for your next party. If you’re looking for some pleasant-but-platonic arm candy at your next public outing, we could arrange that as well.

So if this is something you’re interested in, feel free to contact me! My schedule is very flexible and I’m available to come and serve you at your convenience. If you’re still feeling a bit nervous, feel free to contact my references.

Take care,

Aidan, the Houseboy-for-Hire

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